The Greenleaf Hotel


Hotel History 

As you enter the Historic Greenleaf Hotel of today, you will experience a European and Spanish style  boutique hotel full of history and contemporary design. Still a 45-room hotel, The Greenleaf Hotel is also going “Green” with automated turn off mini fridges and low-flow  rain showers, in every room. the 2nd floor hallway has 1 old window shaft which have been transformed into natural light sources, reducing the need for additional electrical power during the day. Guest rooms provide working desks, flat screen HDTVs, ceiling lighting and furniture, and state of the art historic climate control (NO AC ONLY FRESH OCEAN BREEZE). With Serta  mattresses set atop custom designed modern platform beds made exclusively for The Greenleaf Hotel, guests will feel like they are sleeping in the clouds. Bathrooms are sleek and sophisticated with a shower bathtub , and cultured urban tiles that stretch  across the bathroom floor. Guests will find exquisite, boutique mirrors over each sink and room. With 300 thread count sheets and premium Egyptian cotton linens will envelope you in luxury that only a boutique hotel can provide. The Greenleaf Hotel will make you feel like your home away from home. The Greenleaf Hotel is one of the first European- Spanish style downtown Long Beach boutique hotel, and it’s an experience you won’t want to miss. There is no parking at this establishment 


Greenleaf Hotel is a historical hotel here in Downtown Long Beach. It opened its doors on December 17, 1925. The hotel was nearest to the beaches and The Old Pike.  The hotel is entirely made from brick masonry. This was a show of Spanish and Italian architecture. The hotel has 2 full floors and 3 total floors with a total occupancy of 50 rooms. This hotel had 24-hour butler service, housekeeper, and telephone switchboard service ready to cater to the most fastidious guests. Philippine Mahogany woodwork has been used throughout the corridors of the hallway and office. Also, each doorknob was a precision of Italian architecture of 2% diamond in each knob (only 2 now in corridors).